In The Batters Box offers individualized, year round professional baseball and softball instruction on all aspects of playing the game. Our staff uses a uniform step-by-step teaching system to encourage positive progress with all of our students. Our instructors are available for individual and group lessons in pitching, hitting and fielding.

Pitching Instruction
Pitching instructors at In The Batters Box teach players proper pitching mechanics to increase velocity and prevent injury. Topics covered through instruction and drills include the basics of throwing, balance, body control, stride, release point and follow through.

Hitting Instruction
Hitting instructors at In The Batters Box work with players to improve their hitting mechanics. Our instructors teach the finer points of hitting and players practice them through drills that cover balance, stance, approach, point of contact and follow through.

Fielding Instruction
Fielding instructors at In The Batters Box teach players the drills and skills necessary to improve their defensive games. Learn the proper mechanics of the fielding stance, footwork, balance and the importance of using two hands, along with proper throwing techniques.

1 on 1 Private Instruction
30 Minutes: $45.00
1 Hour: $75.00